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Scoreboard Dark, Large, Vertical


With countless possibilities, the We Do Wood Scoreboard in bamboo is the perfect coat hanger for the modern home. Scoreboard was designed to give a graphical feel and is a unique way to both store and showcase your favourite items! It’s the perfect meeting point between sustainability, interior design and functionality! The key to Scoreboard is personalisation – design according to your wishes! Each scoreboard includes 12 pegs with painted edges and different depths: 4 x 4 cm pegs (2 white, 2 pink), 4 x 8 cm pegs (2 red, 2 steel blue) and 4 x 12 cm pegs (2 green, 2 light blue). This unique furnishing accessory is made from moso bamboo and MDF, in full accordance with the philosophy of We Do Wood – making furnishing pieces that are stylish, sustainable, efficient and versatile. For instance, you can combine several Scoreboards and mix vertical and horizontal ones, in order to personalise your walls just the way you like them. By the front door, in the utility room, bathroom or bedroom. There is no room in your home that won’t benefit from this versatile and unique coat hanger. Endless possibilities!

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Materials: Moso Bamboo and MDF Dimensions: 18 x H: 100 cm Weight: 1.9 kg Includes 12 pegs with painted edges and different depths: · 4 x 4 cm pegs (2 white, 2 pink) · 4 x 8 cm pegs (2 red, 2 steel blue) · 4 x 12 cm pegs (2 green, 2 light blue) Designer: Sebastian Joergensen


  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Bamboo is a natural material and color differences may occur. To clean the bamboo, use a damp cloth with a small amount of organic soap. Maintenance is done by sanding with sandpaper (grain 180) in the direction of the fibres and afterwards linseed oil must be applied 3 times.
  • The Scoreboard comes in a flat package; final assembly to be done at home. Watch assembly instruction video for tips and tricks.  
  • Delivered straight to your door for only 45 euro!


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Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 105 × 20 × 3 cm



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